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When was the last time I updated, Summer Maybe?

This is my first update in a very long time. I just haven't really felt like it. I am a little bored right now. I figured, why not! Hmm lets see, the past couple months have been crazy, busy, and fun.

     Kevin and Kristin got married on Oct 15th. The wedding was amazing. The reception was beautiful, colorful, and it was a blast! I think a fun time was had by all. If someone did not have fun at that wedding, it was their own problem. I am so happy for them. They are such a cute couple, and I love them both. I have also gained an older sister through the process, and I am very happy about that. I liked Kristin so much from the beginning, when they first started dating. I love them. Their house is so cute, and they have an adorable golden retriever puppy, Maddie is her name. She is a cute little pistol.

     The bachlorette party on October first was a riot! It was at JD's piano bar in Pontiac. That place is such a blast. It's fun singing along and dancing to all the songs. I think I want to go back for my 21st Birthday! I kind of want to go to the Old Shelelliegh though. I may not go to either, if things work out with transfering to the University of Michigan. If I don't go to UofM I will probably go to State, which brings me to my next topic.

     I finally got to go up to MSU. I went with Laura, and I got to see Terry, as well. I wish we could have stayed longer. I definatley want to go back for an entire day or two. I thought the Campus was beautiful. I kind of decieved UofM, by going to a State football game. I hope it doesn't curse me.

     The fall semester at Oakland flew by like no other. As usual, I got my jitters that I get at the beginning of the semester. Before the semester started my goal was to shoot for a 3.5. Then imediatley when classes started, I lowered my expectations to a 3.0. I was nervous about my China class. About fifteen minutes before I went to that class for the first time, I was told the notes are overwhelming, the tests are very difficult, the professor just talks too fast, and he is not that favorable. It was a contrast from what I had previously heard about the professor. Then I had a British Literature class. I had looked on rate my, and I heard the professor was pretty good. Well, on the first day, we get the syllabus only to find that the Midterm and Final made up almost our whole grade for the class, which was 70%. I know that's common, but in previous classes I had taken, it was three or four tests. I was thinking to myself, what no papers? The other 30% came from four pop quizzes, a group project/presentation, and class discussion. I just have to say, that Ms. Welicko, my high school literature teacher, prepared me well for that course. I ended up liking it. I am considering tagging English on as a minor. I don't know yet. Then I had a poli sci class, which I figured would be the only hope for my GPA! I wasn't even sure of that one because we had weekly on=line quizzes with only ten questions. Think about it, miss two questions your screwed. They were timed, and you only got one try. ( Some profs give more than ont try.) In the end, everything turned out alright. I could have pushed a little harder in Brit Lit, I think.

PS 100- 3.9 oohh so close!!

Eng 241-3.7

IS 210- 3.7- Awesome class, I ended up enjoying it so much! Over all 3.76- not bad. I bet the Winter semester will smack me in the ass though.

     So yes, I enjoyed all my classes. I still want to be a political science major.I am content with Political Science as my major, and I think I like it even more than History. Not much has changed. I just may tag on English as a minor. Next semester, I will be on a fuller load. I am taking a psych class, two political science courses, and a french class. One of the PS courses is a 300 level. It's the legislative process. I was having doubts about jumping from 100 to 302, but my PS prof said I should do it, since we spent some time on that in the class. I hope he is right! I also need to show UofM I can challenge myself. I don't think what I have done is enough. Honest to God, if I was going in to teaching, nursing, engineering, or business, I would stay at Oakland. I want to go to UofM for the program. I pray I get in. If not, States poli sci program is alright. Finally, I am thrilled to be on break. It's nice not having a quiz to take every Thursday morning, a school book to read every night, or notes to look over. Sadly, it's for just a couple of weeks. I wish we got a whole month, but of course not. That would make the students happy, and Oakland or any Colleges, for that matter, are not about making students happy. I hope to have some fun times over this break, hang out with friends, (please call me!!!!:) ) and relax, between work. I think after the Holidays I will be looking for a new job, I think I am being too nice by holding out at Limited Too, until the new year. I like a majority of the people I work with, I just need a change.  My mom tells me just to ask for a raise, but at this point, I don't think that will cut it.  All I will probably get is 20 cents, anyway.    

I hope everyone has a great Holiday! Merry Christmas everyone! 

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